Hyundai Philippines Price List

Buyer’s Guide in buying a New Hyundai Vehicles, prices indicated below are subject to change without prior notice.

0.8Li GL M/T438,000.00
0.8Li GLS M/T498,000.00
1.1Li GL M/T - FL488,000.00
1.1Li GL A/T558,000.00
1.6Li CRDi M/T988,000.00
Accent Facelifted
1.4Li E 6-Speed M/T648,000.00
1.4Li E CVVT A/T698,000.00
1.4Li S 6-Speed M/T768,000.00
1.4Li S CVT A/T828,000.00
Accent Hatch
1.6Li 6-Speed M/T (Diesel)768,000.00
1.6Li E 6-Speed M/T (NEW-Diesel)808,000.00
1.6Li E 4-Speed A/T (NEW-Diesel)858,000.00
1.6Li 4-Speed A/T (Diesel)868,000.00
Elantra Facelifted
1.6Li E 6-Speed M/T888,000.00
1.6Li S 6-Speed M/T948,000.00
1.6Li E 6-Speed A/T948,000.00
1.6Li S 6-Speed A/T1,008,000.00
1.6Li L 6-Speed A/T1,118,000.00
Genesis Coupe
2.0Li FL TURBO 6-Speed M/T1,518,000.00
2.0Li FL TURBO 6-Speed M/T BREMBO1,818,000.00
2.0Li FL TURBO 8-Speed A/T1,838,000.00
3.8Li V6 8-Speed A/T1,988,000.00
3.8Li V6 6-Speed M/T BREMBO1,958,000.00
3.0Li D-CVVT 6-Speed A/T1,988,000.00
Santa Fe
2.2Li R-eVGT 4x2 6M/T1,568,000.00
2.2Li R-eVGT 4x2 6A/T1,768,000.00
2.2Li R-eVGT 4x4 6A/T2,228,000.00
Tucson Facelifted
2.0Li GL FWD FL 6-Speed M/T1,058,000.00
2.0Li GL FWD FL 6-Speed A/T1,118,000.00
2.0Li GLS FWD FL 6-Speed M/T1,288,000.00
2.0Li GLA WD FL 6-Speed A/T DIESEL1,428,000.00
Grand Starex
2.5Li TCI GL 10 Seater M/T1,283,000.00
General Ambulance1,468,000.00
2.5Li CRDi WGT GLS 10 Seater M/T1,563,000.00
2.5Li CRDi WGT GLS 12 Seater M/T1,603,000.00
2.5Li CRDi Swivel Seat 10 Seater A/T1,733,000.00
2.5Li CRDi VGT GOLD 10 Seater A/T1,848,000.00
2.5Li CRDi VGT Limousine 10 Seater A/T2,728,000.00
Cab & Chassi 2.6Li w/o Aircon630,000.00
Cab & Chassi 2.6Li w/ Aircon668,000.00
Dropside 2.6Li w/o Aircon708,000.00
Dropside 2.6Li w/ Aircon746,000.00
Shuttle 2.6Li w/o Aircon770,000.00
Shuttle 2.6Li w/ Front Aircon808,000.00
Shuttle 2.6Li w/ DUAL Aircon827,000.00
Aluminum Van 2.6Li w/o Aircon735,000.00
Aluminum Van 2.6Li w/ Aircon773,000.00
Ambulance with DUAL Aircon910,000.00

Hyundai Philippines Price List ( updated as of November 16, 2016 )

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