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Buyer’s Guide in buying a new Kia Cars, prices indicated below are subject to change without prior notice.

1.1Li M/T545,000.00
1.1Li A/T599,000.00
1.4Li Sedan LX M/T595,000.00
1.4Li Sedan EX M/T625,000.00
1.4Li Sedan EX A/T675,000.00
1.4Li Sedan LX M/T LE695,000.00
1.4Li Sedan EX M/T LE725,000.00
1.4Li Sedan EX A/T LE775,000.00
4X2 A/T1,158,000.00
4X4 A/T1,258,000.00

1.6Li A/T899,000.00
1.6Li A/T LE1,079,000.00

LX M/T CRDi Dsl1,050,000.00
LX A/T CRDi Dsl1,100,000.00
EX A/T CRDi Dsl1,195,000.00
LX M/T CRDi LE Dsl1,220,000.00
LX A/T CRDi LE Dsl1,270,000.00
EX A/T CRDi LE Dsl1,365,000.00
LWB LX A/T 1,450,000.00
LWB EX A/T 1,550,000.00
4x2 LX Gas A/T 5 Seater1,490,000.00
4x2 EX Gas A/T 5 Seater1,590,000.00

4x4 LX Gas A/T 5 Seater1,590,000.00
4x4 EX Gas A/T 5 Seater1,690,000.00

4x2 LX CRDi A/T 5 Seater1,590,000.00
4x2 EX CRDi A/T 5 Seater1,690,000.00
4x4 LX CRDi A/T 5 Seater1,690,000.00
4x4 EX CRDi A/T 5 Seater1,790,000.00
4x2 EX CRDi A/T 7 Seater1,790,000.00
4x4 EX CRDi A/T 7 Seater1,890,000.00

4x4 EX CRDi A/T 7 Seater DELUXE2,090,000.00
4 Door 2.0SX A/T1,320,000.00
KOUP 2 Door 2.0SX A/T1,420,000.00
3.0Li 4x4 EX A/T3,200,000.00
4x2 Dropside Pick Up775,000.00
4x2 Aluminum Van835,000.00

4x2 Panoramic w/o Aircon825,000.00
4x2 Panoramic w/ Dual Aircon895,000.00
4x4 Dropside Pick Up835,000.00
4x4 Panoramic w/o Aircon885,000.00

4x4 Panoramic w/ Dual Aircon960,000.00
4x4 Double Cab Dropside 915,000.00
4x4 Double Cab Pick Up935,000.00


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For More Info / Inquiry on the above Price List
Please call or text : 0917 5287233 / 0920 9042661 / 0922 4581873
Call ONLY : 02 975 1472

Kia Philippines Price List ( updated as of October 29, 2011 )

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  1. william v. magalong

    3 / 1 / 2014 9:59 AM

    pls call now kung pwedi marami akong katanungan, seaman ako… eto ung skype ko willerrash798510

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