Isuzu Philippines Price List

Buyer’s Guide in buying a New Isuzu Vehicles, prices indicated below are subject to change without prior notice.

Crosswind Sportivo A/T1,195,000.00
Crosswind Sportivo M/T1,130,000.00
Crosswind XT M/T883,000.00
Crosswind XL M/T794,000.00
Crosswind XS M/T750,000.00
LS 4x4 A/T1,457,000.00
LS 4x4 M/T1,398,000.00
LT 4x4 M/T1,153,000.00

LS 4x2 A/T1,196,000.00
LS 4x2 M/T1,144,000.00
LT 4x2 M/T857,000.00
LS X 4x2 M/T1,194,000.00
LS-A X 4x2 A/T1,246,000.00
FLEXI Cube with Dual Air Con861,000.00
PV Cab & Chassi697,000.00
N-Series / F-Series Trucks
Forward FV 6W 24ft2,730,000.00
Forward FS 6W 20ft2,430,000.00
NQR 4.6 6W 18ft1,339,000.00

NPR 4.6 6W 16ft1,252,000.00
NKR 4.6 4W 10ft1,120,000.00

NHR I-Van (18 Seater)1,293,000.00
NHR Flexi w/ Aircon1,150,000.00
NHR 2.8 4W 10ft897,000.00
LS 4x2 M/T1,198,000.00
LS-M 4x2 M/T1,270,000.00
LS-A 4x2 A/T1,368,000.00
LS-A 4x4 A/T1,758,000.00

Isuzu Philippines Price List ( updated as of November 10, 2016 )

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